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Bimaculatus Anthias

Bimaculatus Anthias

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Bimaculatus Anthias

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseudanthias bimaculatus

Reef Compatible: YES
Diet: Carnivor
Temperament: Docile
Origin: Sri Lanka 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shipping schedule useless

All fish arrived well and health , my only problem was that I schedule for Friday delivery on the website and fish didn’t arrive until Monday the following week, I took Friday off from work to receive my shipment. Sent email to possibly get delivery on Saturday but reply that they had no Saturday service . Then what’s the point to choose the date if it’s not to be honored.

Thang Nguyen
Bimaculatus anthias

All 3 females arrived healthy, colorful and active. Following your acclimation guide, they were released in the main tank and swimming around right in front of my eyes. What a indescribable joy. Thank you for the best specimens you ‘ve offered. I strongly recommend Reef Pro to any marine hobbyists out there. Happy reefing.

Marc B
Great addition to my tank

I ordered 5 bimaculatus anthias for my 400 reef a male and 4 females. Despite a less than general ups delivery 4 of the 5 came in great shape and within 24 hours the 5th came around and all are now eating and doing well I’ll be placing a much larger order of these guys in the not too distant future as my new 5000 gallon will be up and running in the spring.