Reef Pro's Conditioning Protocol

Benefits of Acquiring a Conditioned Specimen
  • All fish are housed in copper and antibiotics
  • Eating prepared foods
  • It eliminates the stress, time and reduces hassle when adding new specimens to your aquarium.
Our Philosophy and Conditioning Process:
Our conditioning practice has been developed over many years and has proven highly effective in providing the healthiest aquatic livestock in the industry. Reef Pro sources, conditions, and ships specimens, ensuring the utmost health of each animal from start to finish. 
Reef Pro only sources fish direct from the source. Rather than specimens going from holding tank to holding tank, our livestock goes from the diver directly to our facility, where they are acclimated and conditioned. By the time you receive your fish from us, that fish has only been exposed to one system. This minimizes stress and greatly increases the long-term survivability of our aquatic animals.
When incoming livestock arrives in our facility, PH, salinity, and temperature are matched to the incoming water to relieve possible stress during the acclimation process. 
At our facility, we use only Red Sea® synthetic saltwater in our systems as well as for shipping to negate any possible introduction of pathogens. 
We medicate our systems with chelated copper sulfate. Each specimen will stay under copper for a MINIMUM of 7 days.
For those copper-sensitive species, we house them in a non medicated system and observe them for an extended period of time
During the 7-day conditioning process, each specimen is fed prepared foods infused with medications such as Metronitozole, Kanamycin, Praziquantel.
Once the fish have completed the conditioning process, they are now available to be shipped. Upon completion of conditioning, all fish are examined, ensure they eating readily available prepared foods, and are conditioned for aquarium life.
Each specimen is shipped in freshly mixed Red Sea® saltwater, matched to our systems water parameters to reduce any possible stress. Our fish are packed with an ammonia binder as well as 100% pure oxygen.
Even Though we run a conditioning protocol we strongly encourage all hobbyist to quarantine all new arrivals to ensure no parasites or protozoans enter the aquarium.
Reef Pro Store is not liable for any losses or damage caused by livestock purchased from us.