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Lennardi Wrasse

Lennardi Wrasse

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Lennardi Wrasse

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anampses lennardi

Pre-Order Arrival May 29. 

Reef Compatible: YES
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Docile
Origin: Australia


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Barrese
Great purchase

I ordered a pair of Lennardi wrasses two months ago and they are doing awesome. They arrived in excellent condition. They were full of life and energy on arrival; by far the healthiest Anampses wrasses I've received (which are notorious for shipping poorly). Very happy with my purchase, wish I had ordered more in fact (maybe a trio). Haven't had to treat with any medications and no signs of disease whatsoever. They are notoriously picky eaters but they are gobbling up Masstick like crazy and are nice fat and healthy.

Tom Senninger
Beautiful fish

The smallest was barely alive on arrival and didn’t make it through acclimation. Other two seem to be doing fine.

Zach Harsh

Just keep Swimming Swimming Swimming

Daniel Tilipman
Lennardi Wrasse - incredible

whoever said Lennardi Wrasse don't ship well should take some advice from Reef Pro. I ordered a trio that arrived in simply incredible condition. They are swimming around my tank and eating the next day. Another great shipment from Reef Pro !

Lida McAllister
Extraordinary Wrasse

Arrived healthy and energetic. Spent some time exploring the tank after acclimating. I’m optimistic that it will continue to settle in and thrive.