Dr. Seuss Soapfish

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Dr. Seuss Soapfish

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Belonoperca pylei

All Reef Pro fish are fully conditioned, and acclimated to captive conditions ensuring the utmost health of each animal.
CLICK HERE To Learn More about our Conditioning Protocol and the Importance of Acquiring Conditioned Specimens.

Approximate Purchase Size:  3"
Reef Compatible: YES
Diet: Carnivor
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Origin: Marshall Islands

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We are a certified Aquaculture Facility AQ3260068

We are a Certified Aquaculture Facility AQ3260068


Reef Pro is partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory. An Organization whose programs have already planted over 100,000 corals in the Florida Keys alone. Mote is also conducting a wide variety of research aimed at better understanding processes and environmental factors that influence coral reef health, which in turn will help reverse the declines of coral population in our lifetime. By purchasing Reef Pro Products you are not only nourishing your corals at home, but also the Corals Worldwide. Together we can make a Difference.


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