DOA Insurance

Dear Valued Reef Pro Customer, 

Thank you for your recent order with Reef Pro. We just wanted to let you know we are now offering live stock protection insurance.

Reef Pro is now offering a protection insurance. If you wish to insure your purchase this will protect your order from unexpected carrier delays. These would include and are not limited too, weather, mechanical errors/failures, acts of god etc. With this insurance you can rest assure that if your livestock is delayed by the carrier and results in a loss we will replace your order completely free of charge. The insurance also covers any losses that may occur during the first six hours from the time of arrival.


Thank you for choosing Reef Pro! 


DOA Policy 

Reef Pro Store guarantee’s that all livestock ARRIVE ALIVE. In an unlikely event of DOA or Dead on Arrival, an emailed picture of the dead specimen must be sent within 2 hours of the FIRST DELIVERY ATTEMPT. The 2 hour DOA time window starts when FEDEX time stamps the package has been delivered. All dead specimen pictures must be emailed to The picture must be in the unopened original shipping bag with the label, so the specimen is easy to identify. Once the photographs are examined and approved, we will issue a store credit or replacement. Once the photographs have been received one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

We do strictly enforce this policy, if any of the below criteria is not followed this will result in violation of the DOA policy.

• Open original shipping bag with label
• The package is refused by the recipient
• Reef Pro Store holds no responsibility for incorrect shipping addresses.
• After the 2 hour DOA window from which starts when the package is delivered, Reef Pro Store is not liable for the specimen.

Reef Pro Store cannot be held liable for any delays by the shipping company


Reef Pro solely ships via FedEx due to there continued reliability. However, under rare occasions packages are delayed due to other uncontrollable factors that are out of our hands.To limit the risk of possible delay by the FedEx carrier it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have the livestock order held at the local FedEx regional hub. To find your nearest FedEx facility please visit:

In the rare occasion your specimen arrives dead the following are the terms and conditions of the Store Credit issued:

  • If your DOA request is approved, your credit must be used within one year of the original purchase date. The recipient is responsible for the replacement shipping cost of $56 continental United States, $36 within Florida.

  • Freebie specimens are issued at the discretion of Reef Pro Store and are excluded from this DOA policy.

  • Under no circumstances will shipping fees be refunded or credited. All livestock sales are final.

  • Not under any circumstances does Reef Pro Store give refunds.

  • By purchasing live specimens from Reef Pro Store you are agreeing to the terms of this DOA policy.

Even Though we run a conditioning protocol we strongly encourage all hobbyist to quarantine all new arrivals to ensure no parasites or protozoans enter the aquarium.


Reef Pro Store is not liable for any losses or damage casued by livestock purchased from us. 


Would you like to purchase the Reef Pro Protection Insurance?:

Carefully read the terms and conditions of the DOA Policy above::