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Reef Pro Alkalinity

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Reef Pro Alkalinity


Reef Pro Alkalinity is intended for mainating levels of alkalinity in the aquarium.


Many of the oceans critters, alongside corals, consume alkalinity for countless processes that take place. 


Corals use it to aid in the building of their skeleton and create calcium carbonate.


If you are dosing Reef Pro Complete, it is recommended to use Reef Pro Alkalinity to make alkalinity adjustments in your aquarium.




Slowly add the solution to high flow areas of the tank. Avoid directly blasting corals with the concentrated solution.


Do not increase alkalinity levels more than 0.5meq/lt or 1.4 DKH per day. If necessary spread the dose out and test between doses.


1 ml of Reef Pro KH will increase the alkalinity in 1 US-Gallon of water 1.50 DKH


We reccomend maintaining alkalinity levels between 7-12 DKH


Reef Pro KH will increase pH.

Although this is temporary, it is important to monitor pH during your initial dose and avoid raising the PH more than 0.20.

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