Reef Pro Seawater

Reef Pro Natural Seawater is carefully collected from miles offshore at just the right depths. Because of this, the water has very little to no pollutants, such as nitrates and phosphates.

Once the water is delivered to our location, it is placed into holding tanks where it is then processed through a series of filters.

The first stage is a poly-filter canister, which removes all the bigger contaminants and any minuscule amount of possible contaminants that could have made their way into the water via transportation, or whatever the case may be.

Then it is passed through a UV sterilizer to eliminate any kind of bacteria or microscopic spores of nuisance algae that may be present. Therefore eliminating the possibility of introducing any unwanted organisms into your aquarium.

Another thing worth mentioning is that our water is held in contamination proof containers inside a controlled environment. Not many places, can say this.