Reef Pro Complete formula

     Reef Pro Complete is the perfect two-part formula. The formula was designed to make reef keeping simple and easy.

     The formula was specifically created to maintain a perfect ionic balance in the aquarium. It consists of two parts, Part A, the calcium portion, and Part B, the alkalinity portion.

     However that’s not all. In the ocean there are tons of other minerals and ions floating around. In this soup of minerals, there are around 40 trace elements that corals have been found to consume along with calcium and actually use in their skeletons.

     Reef Pro Complete contains an array of trace elements to mimic seawater in your tank, allowing the corals to consume these elements and grow and color up as if it were in the ocean.  

    Reef Pro Complete was definitely not an overnight venture. The creation process of this solution took at least four years to perfect.

     This process began in 2011 when we began mixing our own basic two-parts for the two basic elements in the reef aquarium.

     Using pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride and soda ash, Reef Pro succeeded in creating its very own two part and soon after released it to the public. Using pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate we also created a magnesium additive.

     Our chemicals worked great and the customers who purchased it were very happy with the results but we were still not satisfied.

     We knew that the ocean had other trace elements and that those could better the colors of certain corals but there was still much debate over whether or not these elements were important and if so how important.

     Trace elements are indeed important. Research has shown that they are actually just as important as calcium carbonate is to the coral skeleton.

     Even though a lot of these elements are somewhat untraceable, most of these elements actually benefit the corals a lot more than one would think. See, these elements are found in the ocean in miniscule amounts. However, the ocean has a never-ending supply.

     We soon found out that most of these elements, such as iron and potassium for example, will actually bind with the coral skeleton and help create the reefs.

     Other elements such as iodine will actually help strengthen the corals slime, which acts as its immune system, if you will, and actually help the coral to become healthier and more resistant to bleaching.

     So, how does this affect your reef aquarium? If these chemicals are in the ocean, they should be in my tank too right?

     Well, yes, depending on the salt you use or even if you use seawater, these elements are introduced in your aquarium. Some salts, such as Red Sea’s Coral Pro Salt, actually have higher concentrations of these elements.

     However, many factors have an effect on whether these elements are actually staying in the aquarium. Unfortunately, unless you are actually dosing these chemicals aside from your calcium and alkalinity, they don’t stick around long.

     Once they’re introduced, your corals will consume them. And once they are gone, the corals will actually exert most of their energy into consuming the little that’s left.

     Studies show this can actually stun coral growth or can cause them to lose color. So there has to be a way to be able to keep all these chemicals in the system and mimic the concentrations of these chemicals to what you would find in seawater.

     That now became Reef pro’s goal.

    Two years after, Reef Pro developed it’s first formula. We began testing, and sending water samples to a laboratory. Our testing tanks seemed to show good growth but the concentrations of the chemicals was not perfect.

     Some corals showed good color, while others were either pale or completely browned out. Tweaking and testing went on for about a year. Until finally, one result was perfect.

     That formula went on to be dosed for a whole other year. Three consecutive tests were sent and received with consistency across the board. Seriatopora, Acropora, Montipora, and Pocillopora were the test subjects and they grew rapidly.

     Basically at the same rate corals grow in the ocean but in a captive environment which is something not easily done. It would seem like Reef Pro finally achieved a formula with a perfect concentration of trace elements.

     In other words, with Reef Pro Complete, it is now possible to mimic the ocean in your reef aquarium.