Coral Acclimation

1.    Open box, remove corals, and float them in bag in your system for about 30 minutes.

2.    Open the bag and pour in enough water to where it increases total volume in bag by at least 1/3.

3.    After about 15 minutes, repeat process again so that the bag now contains about half of your tank water. You may remove water from bag to compensate for water being added.

4.    After about 15 more minutes, the livestock is now ready to be added to your system.

5.    If you are going to dip your corals, be sure you dip them now before adding to the system. Rinse the coral off with tank water after the dipping process.

6.    Be sure to place the coral in an area in your system where it will meet its lighting and flow requirements. If your tank has high intensity lights such as LEDS, you may want to slowly acclimate the coral by placing it lower in the system and then slowly moving it upwards towards higher light, if need be. You may also dim your lights or run a shorter light period to acclimate new corals.

7. It is always better to have your corals under lower light than under higher light. The coral will not be harmed by having lower than normal light for a few days while it acclimates to its new system will not harm the coral.