Reef Pro Bio-EX No3 and Po4 Reducer

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Reef Pro Bio-EX
Bio-EX is a formula specifically designed to make maintaining nutrient (nitrates and phosphates) levels in a saltwater aquarium easy. Bio-EX contains a perfect blend of organic carbon sources and other elements that promote the growth of heterotrophic bacteria and proper dissimilation of nitrates and phosphates. Bio-Ex has the capabilities to inhibit the growth of nuisance algae and cyanobacteria. It is also possible to control and balance the zooxanthellae population of corals in an effective manner for optimum coral growth and coloration.  
Dosing Recommendations:
We recommend you begin your dose at about 1 ml  per 50 gallons of aquarium water. You will need to test nitrates once a week. If your nitrates read above 5 ppm you will need to double your daily dose. NOTE: For best results, test nitrates and make adjustments once a week. Once nitrates are at the the desired level, cut your dose in half. If nitrates read 0, slowly decrease your dose and monitor nitrates closely. When your test kit registers nitrates again, adjust dose to maintain desired levels.

For best coloration: For best coloration in corals It is recommended to try to maintain nitrates within 0.02 – 2 ppm

For accelerated growth: For faster growth it is recommended to maintain nitrates within 3-5ppm.

Reef Pro’s Bio-Ex can help maintain phosphate levels to an extent based on stocking and feeding habits in the aquaria. For extreme phosphate control we recommend doing water
changes and adding Reef Pro’s GFO.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anonymous, 07/06/2018

My tank was through the roof with nitrates when I tested prior to using Bio Ex. I had tried everything beforehand to no avail. Finally I decided to give this product a shot and seriously I have no words to describe the impact it had on my reef tank. The impact was fast enough to impact my reef quicker and in a more stable way than all other products and methods I had tried. What I love about it is that you can regulate the dosage to meet your needs. For example, I started using quite a bit at first to build up the bacteria colonies in the tank and then backed off slowly to just keep them happy and not have a massive die off that would negatively impact my reef tank. Now I have Bio Ex running 24/7 on a doser and its pretty much set it and forget it at this point and I cant recall the last time my nitrates got above 2 on my Selifert test kit.

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