About Us

Our history begins back in Cuba in the 1980’s. Fish breeding has always been a part of the family. Mainly freshwater fish like guppies, mollies, and goldfish. Regardless, it inspired a lifelong vision of aquaculture.

Moving ahead, after relocating to South Florida, interest was sparked again, and this time took form as a koi pond.

After a nice vacation to the Caribbean, taking a few dives, snorkeling, and observing the beauty of the marine environment sparked a further interest in the hobby. This time, it inspired a 180-gallon marine aquarium. Suddenly the hobby got much more interesting.

The challenges it presented, further inspired to learn more and more. Eventually, the 180-gallon aquarium moved into the office at work (not Reef Pro). Soon after, one 180-gallon aquarium turned into two 180-gallon aquariums, one was the display, and one was used as a frag tank to house the remnants trimmed from overgrowing corals in the display tank.

Not long after, those “remnants” were colonies of birdsnests, acroporas, montiporas, tons of zoanthids, and three grow outs were setup to house the abundance of corals. Now, it seemed we needed a building to house all these corals.

Reef Pro was finally born.

We Are Hobbyists

Reef Pro is a store ran by hobbyists. Our mission is to create friendships and relationships with our customers and to help them succeed in establishing a beautiful home aquarium.

Our greatest achievement is to help our customers succeed and have them share their success with us. Our satisfaction comes from when our customers, whether we have introduced them into the hobby or have helped them mature and establish their very own systems, and they walk into the store with pictures of “how great this coral is doing” or how fantastic their new fish fit in with the rest of their system.

Nothing brings more joy to the staff at Reef pro.

Our Beliefs

As beautiful and wonderful as this hobby is, one must realize it has impacted the natural ecosystems of the world. Over harvesting and collecting has put many of our favorite species at the very brink of extinction.

That is why at Reef Pro we believe in aqua culturing our corals and purchasing previously aqua cultured corals. WE DO NOT IMPORT. Many other stores claim to import and then aquaculture. But we, humans, have been collecting for decades and no new species of corals have “appeared”.

That’s why we prefer to buy previously aqua cultured pieces and continue growing them in our grow-out facilities. Not to mention, aqua cultured corals are more tolerable to parameter swings, which every hobbyist encounters until becoming experienced. In our eyes, that’s a win for everybody.


Our Practice

Selecting our corals for the store and our valued consumers is a process. For corals we ourselves travel to an aquaculture facility and handpick the pieces we plan to grow out and introduce to our customers.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, we prefer to purchase frags for our facilities, which we then grow out to full size colonies before fragging. Once we receive our shipment of carefully selected corals, they are carefully acclimated into our system.

All of our systems have the same parameters, using the same chemicals. Switching coral from one tank to another only requires a temperature acclimation. They are then put through a cleansing and quarantining process.

Once the coral clears it is then moved into our “Grow-Out” where it is left to grow and monitored, until it becomes a flourishing beautiful colony and then fragged and introduced to our valued customers.


Why Us?

Reef Pro has the highest quality water and livestock around. We take pride in all we do, not as a company, but as hobbyists, constantly learning and striving to become the best.

We are determined to make the aquarium experience simple and enjoyable by educating customers on the mistakes we have made, so that our customers don’t have to. 

There is nothing more that we want than to help YOU enjoy your home aquarium and make it as simple as possible to bring a beautiful living reef into the very heart of your home.   





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